Public tender for the concession of the Soyo Logistics Platforms

Limited Tender by Prior Qualification

The Presidential Order no. 158/21, of 21 September of 2021 authorized the launching of the Limited Tender by Prior Qualification for the CONCESSION CONTRACT FOR THE PURPOSES OF DESIGN, CONSTRUCTION, OPERATION AND COMMERCIAL MANAGEMENT OF THE SOYO LOGISTICS PLATFORM, located in the Province of Zaire.

The Soyo Logistics Platform is an important logistics infrastructure that can boost the cargo movement from the Port of Soyo and optimize the regional supply and exports. It is a cross-border and interconnection platform, with a strong component of boosting local and regional trade, serving as a facilitator of capillary distribution.

Procedure subject

1. Concession Contract for the purpose of Design, Construction, Exploration and Commercial Management of the Soyo Logistics Platform;

2. To grant the right and duty to design, build, finance, promote, operate and manage the Soyo Logistics Platform under the terms established by law and in the Contract.


  1. Submit supporting documents of:
  2. Qualification and technical experience of the Candidate;
  3. Certification regarding Safety Management, Quality and Environment System;
  4. Experience in the management of logistical infrastructures, preferably with a size greater than 800 m2 of implementation area of operation;
  5. Own capital, or financial availability, of, at least, 30% (thirty percent) of the amount of the CAPEX proposed by the Grantor;
  6. Present an annual average revenue of at least USD 7.500.000, 00 (seven million and five hundred thousand American dollars) in the last three years;
  1. Present a minimum financial autonomy ratio of 20% (twenty percent);

Aquisição das Peças de Concurso

The Deadline for receiving requests for the tender documents or to access the documents: from

17 of November 2021 to 04 of April 2022

Price of the parts of the procedure:

Kz 2.500.000,00 (two million and five hundred thousand Angolan Kwanzas).

Conditions to obtain the parts of the procedure:

  1. The interested parties must send the request for acquisition of the procedure parts, by the e-mail, to soyo@arccla.gov.ao;
  2. The support team will send the information about the price of the procedure parts and the bank details; 

Nationals or resident Applicants must pay the parts of the procedure by depositing the amount in the Treasury Account no. AO06 0001 0000 0000 0094 0003 9, requesting the respective proof through the issuance of the Revenue Collection Document at the competent Tax Office;

Foreigners or non-resident Applicants must make the payment of the procedure parts by depositing or transfer to the National Treasury bank account domiciled abroad;

Applicants must prove the payment of the amount of the procedure parts by presenting the Revenue Collection Document, the proof of the deposit or the bank transfer proof to the e-mail concessao.soyo@arccla.gov.ao;

After the payment of the amount of the procedure parts, the interested parties will have access to the programme and the respective attachments, the tender specifications and respective annexes and complementary information to the tender specifications.


Angola Cargo Certification and Logistics Regulatory Agency (ARCCLA).

Address: Praça 17 de Setembro, Largo 4 de Fevereiro, Palácio de Vidro, Edif. MINCO - 5.º andar, 2223.

Location: Luanda.

Province: Luanda.

Telephone Number: +244 935 731 314.

E-mail: concessao.soyo@arccla.gov.ao

Website (URL): www.arccla.gov.ao

Tax Number: 5000692891

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