Concession of the Lobito Corridor Railway Services and Support Logistics

International Public Tender

Presidential Dispatch 122/20 of 11 September 2020 authorised the opening of a public tender for the award of a concession contract for the operation, management and maintenance of the rail infrastructure for general cargo transport-mineral, liquid and gas.

The Lobito Corridor, which begins at the port of Lobito, in Benguela province, and its over 1,300 km crosses Angolan territory towards the eastern border of Angola, reaching the mining regions of the Democratic Republic of Congo, in Katanga province. This concession aims to boost the circulation of cargo transport by allowing large flows of international goods in transit and of national goods in internal circulation.

Subject of the procedure

  1. Management, operation, exploitation and maintenance of the rail infrastructure and of the Lobito/Luau rail freight service;
  2. Construction, management, operation and exploitation of 2 (two) Goods Transit Terminals to support the rail freight service;
  3. Management and maintenance of the Transport Training Centre in the province of Huambo;
  4. The operation, exploitation and maintenance of the railway workshops.
  5. Installation and/or replacement of equipment required for the performance of the contract;
  6. To guarantee the economic viability of the rail infrastructure of the Lobito Corridor, in compliance with
  7. the norms of the Contract, the tender documents, as well as the best international practices;
  8. Use of the Mining Terminal at the Port of Lobito in the terms described in the Tender Documents and in an autonomous contract;
  9. Design of the project, construction, operation and exploitation of a railway branch line connecting to the Republic of Zambia.


Submit documentary evidence of:

  1. A currently ongoing operation for railway infrastructure management
  2. An operation currently in progress for the management of rail freight operations
  3. One ore terminal management operation currently in progressThe bidding companies shall have, directly or through subsidiaries, an interest of not less than 25% in at least 2 railway infrastructure concession operations, railway cargo operation management or ore terminal management operations. Additionally the bidding companies must demonstrate majority control (> 50%) in at least one operation.
  4. To present a minimum annual average turnover of 500,000 tons from current operations in the last 3 years.
  5. The senior management team must be composed of at least three members: (i) senior management officer; (ii) senior financial officer; and (iii) senior technical operation officer. The team of technical managers shall be composed of at least four managers in the areas of construction and/or infrastructure maintenance (ii) railway operation and/or rolling stock maintenance; (iii) port terminal operation and/or minerals; and (iv) logistics.
  6. The number of projects in which the team members have been involved should be a minimum of three.
  7. Present an average annual revenue of the last three years of at least 500 M USD
  8. Present a total debt ratio of no more than 80%.

Acquisition of Tender Parts

Deadline for receiving requests for the tender documents or to access the documents: from

September 9, 2021 at 15 pm until January 21, 2022.

Price of the procedural documents: USD 50,000.00 (fifty thousand US Dollars), or equivalent value in Kwanzas, according to the payment day exchange rate practiced by Banco Nacional de Angola.

Conditions to obtain the documents of the procedure

a) Interested parties shall send the request to acquire the pieces of the procedure, by e-mail, to candidaturas.corredordolobito@cfbep.ao;

b) The support team will send information about the price of the pieces of the procedure and the bank details;

The payment of the acquisition value of the documents of the procedure must be made by bank transfer to the following account:

Account holder: Empresa Caminho de Ferro de Benguela, E.P.
Bank: Banco de Fomento Angola, S.A (BFA), Rua Amilcar Cabral, 58, Maianga, Luanda, Angola.

Account AKZ: 5857468 30 001 IBAN AKZ: AO06 0006 0000 0585 7468 3012 2
Account USD: 585746831001 IBAN USD: AO06 0006 0000 0585 7468 3118 9

The Interested parties should provide proof of payment of the acquisition value of the documents of the procedure by sending proof of bank transaction to the e-mail candidaturas.corredordolobito@cfbep.ao

After payment of the acquisition price of the procedure documents, the interested parties will have access to the Programme and its appendixes, the Specifications and respective annexes and complementary information to the Specifications.


Ministry of Transport

E-mail: candidaturas.corredordolobito@cfbep.ao

Address: Avenida 4 de Fevereiro n.º 42 Avenida 4 de Fevereiro n.º 42 - Prédio da Secil Marítima, Luanda, Angola

Locality: Marginal

Province: Luanda

Login required for access. Access data will be provided after payment of registration".


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